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The Challenge

Staffnet is a recruitment company based in London, UK. They were looking to revamp their brand and website to look modern and provide jobseekers with a portal to search and apply for jobs.

Staffnet's old site was not mobile friendly and had no interactivity as it consisted mainly of static pages and was used mainly as a place companies and jobseekers could get information about the company and contact details.

We Freelance was tasked to rebrand their company, which involved creating a new logo as well as choosing a new colour palette. We also also tasked to redesign and develop their new site.

Staffnet old homepage
Staffnet old employment page
Staffnet old workers page


Staffnet old Logo
Staffnet new Logo

The Solution

We Freelance worked with the client to redesign their logo and branding to their new company name and to revamp their website. The old logo was functional but was not memorable.

The client required a website that was mobile friendly and had a more modern look and was more interactive which would help boost their business. Their old website consisted of static web pages which did little more than give their visitors information.

Because of this, we designed and developed a website for them using WordPress which allowed the customer to easily update their content.

We provided our customer a solution that would allow them to post jobs to the website and added stylish animations throughout the site.


The Results

Staffnet new landing page
Staffnet new homepage
Staffnet new jobs listings


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