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The Challenge

Client Buddy is a bug tracking and reporting platform aimed at agencies and developers. We Freelance was given a brief of the functionalities and features needed and was tasked to brand, design and develop a Minimum Viable Product.

As this was a new project, We Freelance had full creative licence with regards to branding and design. We Freelance worked with the client to produce logos and suitable colour palettes for the brand.

In addition, We Freelance also had full reign to decide the technologies that would be used to build the platform.


Client Buddy Logo

The Solution

We Freelance worked with the client to produce and modern and memorable logo and selected a professional colour palette that looked great on the site.

A Minimum Viable Product was built for the client which included all the features and functionalities requested, including integrating a payment gateway into the site so they can start monetising.

The end product of this project was a clean, sleek and modern landing page and dashboard as well as their primary product, a widget which their customers could use to report bugs.

The platform was built using NextJS, NodeJS and Strapi as well as integrating a payment gateway into the website.


The Results

Client Buddy homepage
Client Buddy dashboard
Client Buddy design center page


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